Bowling with Friends!

These are pictures with some of my favorite people!  These are our friends that we do the most couple dating with and it is pretty much the best. thing. ever!  We love hanging out with our friends and consider ourselves really lucky to live so close to many of them.

These were taken after a night of bowling.  As you can tell Mike and Candice came in first place… although the rest of us were not far behind.  I love these pictures because they really show everyone’s personality!  I took three pictures trying to get a good one… instead I got three GREAT ones!

Take One

Adam, Tiffany, Candice, A Very Intense Mike, and Jas

Take Two – Failed

Adam, Tiffany, A Very Enthusiastic Candice, Mike, and Jas

Take Three – Still Failed

Adam, A Super Cute Tiffany, Still Enthusiastic Candice, A Scary Mike, and Jas


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