First Waters Christmas Card!

Merry Christmas!

This year was our first ever classic Christmas Card to send around to our family and friends.  It was a little tricky to take photos that didn’t look like they were our second engagement photos.  I felt like we needed to barrow someones dog or fish or something to add to our photo.  Oh well, I think our  photographer did a great job in positioning us  in a way that didn’t look like it was round two of engagements.  She was so nice and we think she did a great job!   If you want to check-out her blog, her link is below.

Here are just a few snap shots from our photo shoot.

This was the final result!  We loved it!
My friend Whitney (Parker) Hale put together the design for our card, which made it so easy for me to print at Costco and get into the mail.  Outsourcing things like this during the busy holiday season is the only way to go.  Thanks Whitney, you rock!


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