Wyatt and Rebecca’s Wedding!

Remember Wyatt Felt, the little kid that I use to babysit all the time?  Well, he is all grown up now and married to the love of his life, and we are so excited for him.  Him and Rebecca were sealed in the Salt Lake temple on December 19th, 2011.  The wedding ceremony was early in the morning and was attended by close family and friends; is was beautiful.  After the wedding were pictures outside.  Being December and in Utah it had been raining all morning and it was FREEZING!  But the skies cleared long enough for pictures to be taken before it started raining again.  Phew!

I love how Wyatt and Rebecca met.  They have both been attending BYU, Wyatt is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Rebecca is majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Business Management (she wants to go into Occupational Therapy), but the best part is that they didn’t meet at school, or in their singles ward, and they weren’t set up by roommates or college friends.  They were setup by Wyatt’s GRANDMA, Bonnie Marshall.  Do you love this story?!  When does that ever work out?  Bonnie knew Rebecca when she was just a little girl and her family lived in her same ward.  When Rebecca was little they moved away to California where her parents still live.  Rebecca grow up and came back to Utah to attend BYU.  When Bonnie received Rebecca’s families annual Christmas card saying that she was attending BYU she was thrilled!  She knew that she had to set Wyatt up with Rebecca.  Their first date was at Wyatt’s Grandma’s house … and the rest is history!


We love these two!

 The Happy Couple coming out of the Salt Lake Temple.

 Jason, Wyatt, Rebecca, Me

Malcolm, Holland, Rebecca, Wyatt, Laura

Here I am standing in front of the Salt Lake doors, just moments before my Marilyn Monroe moment…

You gotta love short skirts and windy days!


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