Happy New Year!


Wow, I can’t believe that it’s already 2012!  This last year was such a blast and we had so many highlights throughout the year.  Looking forward to the new year, I want to set some goals that I will easily be able to mark some progress by.   I heard from someone that instead of making a list of 20+ goals (that they would never reach anyway) they make just one for each category in their life they want to improve.  I thought that was a great idea!  After thinking about it, I’ve come up with my own catagories and goals I wanted to accomplish this year.   I figure if I post about them then I am more likey to keep ALL of them.  Here it goes:

Mentally:  Go back to school and finish my degree.  I am only 6 credits away from getting my associates degree in generals or 12 credits away from getting my associates with an Emphasis in Business.  I know now that I should have never stopped 10 years ago, it would have been so much easier to just finish out my last 2 semesters but I got caught up in working and life and thought I needed a break… 10 years later I think my break is over and that it’s time to go back and wrap things up!  This is my year!

Spiritually: Read the Book of Mormon.  Believe it or not I have never read this book all the way through, cover-to-cover, in a normal amount of time in my entire life.  I’m kind of embarrassed about this, but  that’s not the reason for my goal.  This year I have had a serious desire to know the scriptures more, to have a greater testimony, and to be able to recall the stories and meaning of the stories much faster then I do.  So this goal isn’t just about reading… it’s about learning, knowing, and gaining a testimony of the knowledge that can be had through just a little more effort on my part.  I think I am most excited about this goal!

Physically:  Run a Half Marathon.  It seems like everyone I know is a runner!  Ok, so maybe that’s not true, but it seems like I know a lot of people that have ran a half marathon and its time to add MY name to the list.  My friend Liz has ran 20+ half marathons and has convinced me to join her in training this winter.  I am a little nervous to train through the winter months but I think I can do it!  It also helps to know that for all of my runs (long and short) that I will have a friend to help push me past my own barriers and be there to celebrate with me with I do!  I have made this goal official by signing up for the Hurricane Half Marathon on April 28th.

Financially:  Buy a new house (for a steal of a deal).  This has recently been on our radar a lot more since Jason’s work is moving to the point of the mountain at the end of January.  With all of the road construction he is not looking forward to his commute.  Not only that, but since he is a computer engineering genius, it only makes scenes to move to the point of the mountain since it is turning into the software hub.  We really like the North-East Lehi area and are on the hunt for a home in the Traverse Mountain communities.  We like this area because it doesn’t feel like the “Lehi” (yeehaw!) that is old and ugly (that’s how I picture Lehi in my mind) yet it is still close to the freeway, and not far from many of our family and friends.  I think Jason is most excited about this goal!  🙂

Emotionally:  Grow our little family.  Yes this means getting pregnant!  I’ve wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember…. we have been trying for a while and hope that this fun adventure is right around the corner.

I’m very optimistic that I’ll be able to achieve each of these goals by the end of the year and this will help keep me accountable!


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