Happy Retirement Charlotte!

Happy Retirement Charlotte!  Jason’s mom finally got to retire after working for 30+ years as an IT Specialist for the USDA NRCS which stands for the United States Department of Agriculture And Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Whoa!  That’s a mouth full!

We were so excited for her to retire not only for the benefits to her health but also so that she could begin to enjoy doing the things she loves.   All of us wanted to help celebrate the big event so we went to dinner and then had everyone over for games and a good time.


 Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory… One of Charlotte’s Favorites!

Did you know that the Old Spaghetti Factory now has gluten free pasta?  Pretty cool!

It’s finally here…Peace Out Corporate America!

The “cake”… it was really a Christmas box with Happy Retirement candles poked down in it.  The best part about a box cake is that you can relight the candles as many times as you want…

yea we did that!

Now that’s some good volume!

If you need Mom or Mark, here are their new “office hours”…It is SO TRUE!


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